Making Money Selling Marijuana Accessories Online

With Marijuana becoming legal in Canada and a host of other countries you should consider capitalizing on that new market. Since growing marijuana is still in a legal gray area you cannot do that but instead sell products that marijuana consumers need. There are many different products you could be selling including the Volcano Vape.

Identifying the Right Type of Products to Resell

Since you are reselling marijuana accessories you should try to identify a particular niche of products that will appeal to consumers. This is going to take some research on your end to work out which of these products are going to best match your customer base but it could make the difference between success or failure so it is something you must give your undivided attention to.  When you have selected the line of products like the Volcano Vape you will need to start building out your online store.

Steps to Take When Creating an Online Store  

The domain you select for your online store will play a pivotal role in your branding and organic search engine rankings. You have to select a domain that is relevant to the marijuana community but easy enough to remember so people can visit the website often.

Selecting the Right Hosting Provider for Your Ecommerce Website

When you have the domain name selected the next step is finding a suitable web-hosting service provider. It would be wise to invest in the fastest servers possible. The faster your servers are the more orders you can process simultaneously which is helpful when you are experiencing a surge in orders.

Developing Your Value Proposition

While pricing may be your initial value proposition you will need to develop your own brand. The benefit of having your own brand is that consumers will start to associate all of the marijuana product needs with your organization. This “branding” may sound complex but it can start off with something as simple as creating a social media profile for your organization. By having a social media outlet you will be able to engage your current and prospective clients in a meaningful way.  You can use the social media channel to conduct product demos showing your customer base all of the latest products you have available.

Implementing an Affiliate Marketing Program

After your website is up and running you should consider establishing an affiliate marketing program. This program will allow you to form relationships with other online retailers who can sell various Marijuana related products either under their name as a “white labeled” product or via your organization. In either scenario you will generate additional sales but will need to adjust your pricing to give the affiliate a chance to earn additional income.

Creating an online store is one of the simplest ways you can earn money from Marijuana related products but you will need to take the first step which is building the website. If you are proactive you will be able to capitalize on this newly opened market.

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