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Lose Weight Safely Without Surgery

There is a growing number of people going for gastric bypass surgery with the hopes of losing weight. If you are struggling with your weight there are alternatives available that do not require drastic action like surgery. There are products out there like phenq that can enhance your weight loss results but you will need to get back to basics if you want long term results.

Understanding Where Fat Comes From

Do you know why we get fat? You probably think it has to do with consuming too many calories in comparison with what you are burning. While that is part of the puzzle it is not the entire source of fat in our body. Something that most people overlook is how carbohydrates cause a buildup of fat in our body. Some people may be scratching their head wondering how carbs turn into fat.

How Does Carbohydrates Turn to Fat?

When you eat a meal that has a large amount of carbohydrates in it your body is going to experience a dramatic spike in glucose levels. At first you will feel like you have a large amount of energy in your body. This boost in energy is something your brain enjoys so it releases dopamine to make you feel slightly euphoric. After a few minutes you will start to be feel bad and that is when your blood glucose levels begin to crash.

What most people do not realize is the body cannot handle large amounts of glucose in the blood stream, it is toxic. To combat this toxic situation your body will release insulin which is the hormone secreted by the pancreas to regulate blood sugar. Once insulin reaches the blood stream it instructs all the cells in your body to start taking in the excess sucrose by converting it into fat. This fat forms deposits inside your vessels and is the leading cause of heart disease and stroke. As the amount of carbs we eat over time increases so too does the amount of fat in our blood vessels so if we can stop the intake of carbs we can reduce the formation of new fat.

Getting Rid of the Excess Fat

Once you go on a carb restricted diet you will stop the formation of new fat within your arteries but you will need to do something about the current deposits. By changing your diet and adding weight loss supplements like Phenq you will be able to start eliminating excess fat from your body. Something to keep in mind is that you should never go on a calorie restrictive diet which could make you feel like you are starving yourself. Instead try following a Ketogenic diet that will provide your body with all of the fuel it needs to function properly without having to rely on glucose which is a poor quality source of energy. They sooner you start taking responsibility for your overall health and well-being the better you are going to feel so be proactive and make the lifestyle changes now.

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