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Console vs PC gaming

When you’re looking for Games to Download, you first need to consider what you’re going to be playing on. There are benefits to playing on a desktop computer, a laptop and a console and which one is better really depends on what your personal preferences are.

Pros of Gaming PC: Without any question majority of gamers use desktop computers for playing PC games. They cost much lower than laptops and you have freedom to build your own gaming rig. The biggest benefit of desktop is it’s flexible of future upgrades. Desktop require users to sit on study or work desk, good for heath as it force players to sit on proper computer chair.

There are many benefits to gaming computers, but there are certain things that make gaming laptops and consoles a better option than desktop computers.

Non Portability: Unlike notebooks desktop computers are bulky consisting of several accessories such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers etc., which makes moving so many parts from one location to another is a hard task, so desktops are portable and does not suit a person who needs to commute or travel.

Cover More Area: As already mentioned above desktop computers have several components and accessories as well as cables which requires more room than laptops as you will need to have a dedicated computer table or desk just to place your computer.  So desktop computers cover more area than notebook PCs and could cause problem when you have a small bedroom or study room.

Power Consumption:  Due to large size components gaming desktops consume more power: the computer casing, monitor and speakers require separate power input and all of them consume enormous amount of power in comparison to laptops which are especially built for energy saving. Because in the case of laptop computers all the components are packed into a single unit which all together consume not more than 15-20 W of electricity.

Cooling Needed: Gaming computers run heavy games which require intense use of graphic cards and processors as well as RAM and hard drive. In such situation computer parts that have higher power intake result in releasing large amount of heat energy, due to this problem heavy duty fans with heat sinks are needed to cool the gaming rig. Now-a-days you can find many liquid cooling equipment with modern gaming desktops which are efficient at cooling your computer casing.

All the above mentioned disadvantages are something that you need to consider before you choose which one to play your games on. When you’re going to choose games to download, you have to stick with gaming computers and laptops since downloading games to consoles are a bit more complicated than downloading them to computers and laptops.

While there’s no saying for sure which one of the options is the best, there are definitely some advantages to playing on a desktop that the other options don’t have. Whichever one you choose, you’ll have a good time gaming.

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